Volunteering in Greece

Holiday with Purpose

 The Hellenic Initiative Australia’s volunteering program offers Greek Australians of all ages the opportunity to help our partner charity Boroume deliver its innovative food saving programs.

From joining teams collecting unsold fruit and vegetables at Athens farmers’ markets to harvesting donated crops, Boroume volunteers play a vital role in saving food for donation to local charities.

Volunteering is a great way to assist relief efforts, gain a unique insight into Greek life, learn important life-skills and meet locals and fellow international volunteers.

Volunteering opportunities can be tailored to individual Greek language skills, interests and availability.

Consider spending an extra day or two in Athens during your next visit to Greece –  volunteers can dedicate a few hours or a few weeks. Just bring your passion for Greece and desire to help. 

Marilyn Tsolakis and students from Perth spent a day volunteering in Athens on their way to Castellorizo for an exchange program. 


Boroume welcomes volunteers from Australia to help support its activities. About 40 volunteers presently assist Boroume on a weekly basis, including volunteers from Europe and the US.

Boroume at the Farmers’ Market

Join the teams of Boroume volunteers collecting surplus fresh produce from farmers’ markets around Athens. In 2016, Boroume saved and donated 22,372 kgs of fresh market produce, which was donated to selected local charities. Boroume currently collects from 13 markets, with more coming on board in 2018.

 (1-1.5 hours starting around 2.30pm, Mon-Sat)

Field of Boroume

Spend a day on the land helping volunteers with the cultivation of municipal fields outside of Athens, harvesting donated produce and helping with agricultural work. In 2015, more than 6,300 kilos of fruits and vegetables was saved from fields all over Greece and donated to local charities by Boroume.

(1 full day, seasonally as required)

Boroume HQ  

If you have more time and a good command of Greek, Boroume can train volunteers to assist at their office in Monastiraki, Athens, coordinating daily donations and supporting larger projects, events and operational needs.

(minimum two weeks).

Boroume provides training and support for all volunteers. All travel and accommodation in Greece will be the responsibility of the individual.

For more information about how you can participate, download our Volunteering flyer, fill in an online form or contact info@thehellenicinitiative.com.au.