About Us

Our Vision

To support a strong, sustainable and secure Greece.

To unite the Greek Diaspora.

To promote Hellenic ideals.

Our Mission

To initiate and engage in collaborative projects in Greece that provide social, health, economic, geopolitical and cultural benefits.

The Hellenic Initiative Australia (THI Australia) is a national, not-for-profit organisation uniting and empowering Greek Australians and philhellenes to support recovery and renewal in Greece.

Almost a decade since the devastating economic crisis in Greece, there are still many vulnerable communities across Greece that find themselves without adequate food, shelter and access to basic health care.

The global COVID-19 pandemic and energy crisis has also led to an increased number of people seeking assistance.

THI Australia is helping to build a bright future for Greece by partnering with innovative NGOs in Greece to deliver programs that provide immediate relief, deliver social and economic benefits and make a lasting impact on Greek society.

Since 2015, THI Australia has committed over AU$2 million in grants to 11 trusted partner charities in Greece delivering programs across four streams – health, social services, education and employment pathways. A further AU$900,000 in-kind support has enabled young Greek graduates to participate in THI Australia’s successful Internship Program.

Through our partner charities, we have helped provide millions of meals and in-kind goods and services to people in need, supported the homeless and provided educational support to disadvantaged children.

Our health projects have equipped regional hospitals to provide lifesaving care for children, funded preventive and specialist medical care for people living on remote islands and public health initiatives for vulnerable groups in Athens. 

Our Australian Internship Program provides hope and opportunity to talented young Greek graduates, offering invaluable work experience and training in their field through six-month paid placements in host companies across Australia.

Our Volunteering Program provides all Australians travelling in Greece an opportunity to be a part of relief efforts on the ground with our partner charities.