THI Australia Honorary Council

The Hellenic Initiative Australia is deeply honoured to introduce the inaugural THI Australia Honorary Council membership and it wholeheartedly thanks all current members who have generously committed to supporting THI Australia in its continued efforts for a strong and sustainable Greece, over the next three years.

By lending their names to THI Australia’s mission and purpose, THI Australia looks forward to building an even stronger community of Greek-Australians and Philhellenes who can share the positive impact of THI Australia’s continued support to Greece and its people with their networks and to provide feedback that enables THI Australia to ensure its messaging remains current. At the same time, we look forward to providing meaningful opportunities for the Honorary Council to be introduced to the global THI community of likeminded individuals and to bring together the global Greek diaspora.

Honorary Council Participants

Major Benefactors

Nick Politis AM

Con Berbatis


Theo G Kailis, Kailis Fisheries

Harry Stamoulis (Emeritus Director)


Mark Bouris

Alexandros Bromidis

Ashlee Bouzinelos, AA Group of Companies


Paul Afkos 

Bill Alateras, Centre in Finance 

George Alexopoulos 

Emmanuel Alfieris 

Chris Andrianopoulos 

Chris Batzios 

George Boubouras  

Paul Boyatzis 

Paul Burgon, Lipman Burgon & Partners 

George Calombaris 

Terry Christofides 

Bill Constantinidis, Lending Association 

Frank Cox 

Philip Dalidakis

Michael Diamond AM MBE

Emmanuel Drivas (Emeritus Director)  

Mario Evangelo  

Francis Farmakidis 

Dr Stephen Fasulakis 

Emanuel S Foundas 

Greg Gav, Mars Residential Projects 

Jason Georgatos 

George Georgiou 

Jon Giaan, Knowledge Source 

Con Gianna 

Nicholas Grambas

Companions (con’td)

David Hill

Betty Ivanoff (Emeritus Director)

Martine Jager

Amanda Kailis

Diane Kailis

Dr Maria Kailis

Rose Kailis

Evan G Kakulas

Con Kalaboukas

Peter Kaliaropoulos

George Kamitsis

Michael Karakolis, Fibonacci Products

George Karageorge

Michael Karamitos

Billy Kavellaris

Nick Koukouvitakis

Rick Koumouris

Alex Litas

Jim Litis

Mike Litis

Andrew A Liveris (Emeritus Director)

Living Without Limits

Chris Lucas, Lucas Group.

George Manettas

Kon Mantzis, Findella Pty Ltd

John Maragiannis, Axius Partners

Kon Mellos

Peter Mercoulia

Andrew Mesourouni

Christopher Michael

David Michael

Jenny Mikakos

Freda Miriklis (Emeritus Director)

Theona Mitaros

Jim Moschoyiannis

Evan Nicholas (Emeritus Director)

Companions (cont’d)

Peter Nikolakopoulos

Yvonne Panagacos

Tim Papadopoulos

Andrew Papageorgiou, Realm Investment House

Aristos Papandroulakis

Peter Papas

Lazaros Papasavas

Harry Patsouris (Emeritus Director)

Terry Paule

Pedro Pikos, Pikos Group

Harry Pourounidis, salt&pepper

Peter Pynes

James Raptis (Emeritus Director)

Walter Ripani

Steve Sakkas

Kosmas Samaras

Ross Savas

Chris Sikavitsas

Steve Siolis

George Stamas

John Stamatis

Francois Stasios

Dr Nick Stavrou

James Stevens

George Strintzos

John Tannos

Prof James Tatoulis AM

Alex Temelcos

Gary Theodore

Lee Verios (Emeritus Director)

Trevor Vlassis, Vlassis & Co

Nick Vrondas

Yianni Zaparas, Zaparas Lawyers

Dimitrios Zartaloudis

Kevin Zervos

Nic Zervos (Emeritus Director)

Honorary Council Sponsors

If you are interested in finding out more about THI Australia or the Honorary Council, please contact us on +61 402 878 805 or [email protected]

The Hellenic Initiative Australia Foundation Ltd, (ABN 99 623 313 888) is a public benevolent institution (PBI) established to provide relief to the poor, the homeless, the socially excluded, and the disadvantaged in Greece.  Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.