Public Hospitals in Greece have been vastly affected by the economic crisis in Greece.

Since 2010, Pedtrauma (Pedatric Trauma Care) has spent more than €2.2 million establishing Trauma Centres and upgrading Paediatric Departments and Neonatal Clinics at 58 public hospitals and health centres throughout Greece.

Pedtrauma works through a growing waitlist of urgent requests from hospitals requiring specialised medical equipment for treating children, prioritising areas which are the most disadvantaged and lack basic equipment.

More than 700,000 children have benefitted from Pedrauma’s work since 2010.

Pedtrauma also runs trauma prevention programs in schools and provides specialist paediatric trauma training for doctors.

THI Australia funded the major upgrades of the Paediatric and Neonatal Clinics of the general hospitals in the regional cities of Kastoria and Ioannina in 2018 and the Paediatric Trauma Centre at the Kythira Hospital and Health Centre in 2019.   

In 2020, THI Australia is supporting the Paediatric Trauma Centre at the General Hospital of Argos and the nearby Paediatric Clinic at the Health Centre of Galatas.