Our Mission

The Hellenic Initiative Australia is helping to build a brighter future for Greece and its people

Almost a decade since the devastating economic crisis in Greece, there are still many vulnerable communities across Greece that find themselves without adequate food, shelter and access to basic health care.

The Hellenic Initiative Australia (THI Australia) is helping to build a sustainable future for Greece by partnering with innovative NGOs in Greece, to deliver programs that provide immediate relief and hope for the future.

From food saving programs and initiatives assisting the homeless in Athens to the delivery of life-saving hospital equipment for children and medical care to remote and island communities, the far-reaching programs being supported by The Hellenic Initiative Australia are making a lasting impact on Greek society.

THI Australia’s Internship Program provides hope to unemployed young graduates. The opportunity to spend six months in Australia acquiring skills and experience in their chosen fields provides invaluable support for these graduates on their return to Greece. 

The philanthropic spirit of the Greek diaspora is truly inspirational.

With the encouragement and generosity of the Greek diaspora in Australia, we can continue to support initiatives that enhance the lives of the people of Greece.