Axion Hellas

Established in 2016, Axion Hellas provides invaluable access to healthcare for people living in isolated and disadvantaged island communities.

Residents of these remote islands, particularly the elderly, face many challenges accessing basic and specialist health care, especially during the winter months when ferry services are limited.

Axion Hellas medical missions provide free medical examinations at temporary medical clinics run by volunteer teams of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

Residents have access to specialist doctors and comprehensive health checks, including blood tests, breast examinations, ultrasounds, dental checks and eye tests, with on-the-spot prescription glasses. Home visits are also conducted for those unable to attend a clinic.

THI Australia was a major supporter of the September 2018 mission to the remote eastern Aegean communities of Psara and Volissos (Chios), during which more than 500 residents were examined.

In April 2019, THI Australia funded a 10-day mission to the remote Aegean islands of Astypalea, Tilos, Halki and Kastellorizo, where more than 650 residents on the four islands were examined.