THI Australia Announces Renewal of Emfasis Foundation Grant

July 1, 2021

The Hellenic Initiative Australia announced today that a new grant totalling AU$36,400 (€23,000) has been awarded to the Emfasis Foundation Mobile Support Unit (MSU), offering urgent assistance to the homeless and vulnerable persons in the Attica region.

‘We applaud Emfasis for making an informed decision to expand its work to the Attica region, which takes in 11 different municipalities where many people are experiencing homelessness and are in vulnerable situations,” said THI Australia CEO, Stergitsa Zamagias-Hill.

In 2021-2022, a main goal for the Emfasis Mobile Support Unit will be to focus on the prevention of homelessness by providing vulnerable individuals with training and upskilling opportunities as well as supporting destitute and abused women. The program will continue to provide guidance on primary health issues and work directly with the individuals to develop sustainable solutions to their challenging circumstances.

‘THI Australia congratulates Emfasis on its 8th anniversary and is proud to have supported the Mobile Support Unit for three consecutive years with funding totalling AU$123,197,’ said Ms Zamagias-Hill.

During 2020-2021 alone, Emfasis conducted 193 shifts and assisted 1,783 people with 20 per cent of these individuals also receiving a tailored support program. They successfully relocated 25 people into temporary private housing or share accommodation, assisted 13 people gain temporary or permanent employment and distributed more than 11,500 food items to beneficiaries in Athens and Piraeus.   

‘We are forever grateful to THI Australia and the generous people in Australia for standing by our small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who strive to make a lasting difference for the thousands of young and elderly people in need of our help and compassion in Greece,’ said Maria Karra, Emfasis Co-founder.

Emfasis also plans to expand its services this year to regional areas in Greece, including Amaliada, Ioannina, Crete Patras. Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Volos, and we welcome any additional support that may be offered.

All donations to THI Australia Foundation are tax deductible in Australia. 

Media Enquiries: Stergitsa Zamagias-Hill, Chief Executive Officer 0402 878 805; [email protected]