THI Australia Public Health Program

July 1, 2021

‘I don’t know where I would be without MdM Greece,’ said ‘Kosta’ (name withheld), who is 65 years old and is a beneficiary of our Public Health Project.

‘Kosta’ is one of the 3,889 beneficiaries who have been treated for medical conditions that were not attended to for a variety of reasons, including simply not knowing where to go to ask for help.

‘Kosta’ has Type 2 Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and depression.

Living in a 20metre square basement that is provided free of charge by a friend, ‘Kosta’ does not receive a pension and has been unemployed since 2013.  Before that, he was self- employed in the construction sector.

‘Kosta’ receives financial assistance from his daughter from time to time to cover food and transport costs. He is divorced and has no contact with his ex-wife.  

The Athens Polyclinic provided ‘Kosta’ with all the necessary medical examinations and medication for free and arranged for him to regularly see a psychiatrist, removing any financial burden. ‘When I visited the clinic, I felt they were truly interested in finding solutions to my social insurance and health issues,’ said ‘Kosta’.

THI Australia is heartened to know that we exceeded our original projections for this ambitious 12-month Project during the pandemic. We look forward to sharing detailed results and key finding of this project very soon. 

THI Australia thanks Con and Rita Berbatis of Perth for their leadership gift that has made a remarkable difference to beneficiaries of the Project, like ‘Kosta’.